All guest rooms, banquet room Wi-Fi for free



In Shin-Yokohama Grace hotel, we prepared for Internet connection environment by wired LAN connection in all guest rooms, but we established wireless LAN access point in lobby, guest room floor, banquet room to plan convenience improvement of visitor and offered environment that the Internet by Wi-Fi connection was available to in banquet room in each guest room.
Please use free Internet connection by Wi-Fi connection service.


Available terminal 

PC with a built-in LAN / wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) adapter
PC which was equipped with the OS's more than Mac OS X more than Windows XP
iOS apparatus (iPhone, iPad) for wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard)
Android apparatus (smartphone tablet PCs) of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard)


Standard, connection of Wi-Fi connection service

We are based on standard of IEEE802 .11 b/g/a about IEEE802 .11 b/g, lobby, banquet room about guest room and are available at the same time.
We show around SSID about net access point.


Area that is available for Internet connection service in each hotel

All guest rooms (wired LAN, Wi-Fi connection)
Front front lobby (Wi-Fi connection)
Each banquet room (Wi-Fi connection)



・You can use Internet connection service through cable broadcasting, wireless LAN free.
・We can use Wi-Fi connection service at place where SSID of hotel is delivered.
・We carry out Wi-Fi connection service as part of further service offer to visitor, but do not guarantee 100% of Internet environment. 
・About transmission rate, is thing providing always-on connection environment, but by the congestion situation of environment and line of visitor speed drop please note that may not be connected.
・Please note that hotel cannot be due to all responsibility about loss and the damage that occurred for unexpected stop and defectiveness for profit of this service.
・About PC peculiar to visitor and communication terminal environment and various setting, we cannot support all in our hotel.
・Security settings on the occasion of the use hope that you go in your responsibility.
・Please refrain from the use that we occupy net play game, line including transmission and reception of large-capacity file for a long time in other visitors coming to trouble.

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