[banquet, meeting] Buddhist memorial service dinner meeting plan



Bright atmosphere. Rich menu. Perfect service.
We offer meeting place and dish to be able to choose to budget, the number of people and wait.
We help with Buddhist memorial service dinner meeting with true heart.


Flow of Buddhist memorial service


Preparations until the day
45 days ago … Making of notice
30 days ago … Shipment of notice
15 days ago … It is arranged decision of seat bill making, catch of decision, class standing list of the attendance number of people
Three days ago … Confirmation of the last number of people
※Any questions, please ask a question casually. We help.


Information for meeting place


Western-style room meeting place

It is meeting place which is most suitable for one with bright atmosphere. We offer facilities such as music, picture for person who wants to remember the deceased.


Information for dish 


Japanese food / French cuisine / Chinese food

※ We talk about dish according to budget. Please feel free to contact.

We offer vegetarian cooking or Shokado banquet dishes.

※ We offer all-you-can-drink plan three kinds of 1,600 yen course, 2,000 yen course, 2,400 yen course. (rate two hours per person)


Information for sohana 


I increase color that I liked of the deceased including pastel color and blue and, other than white-collar of clean atmosphere, make. You can just take to go after dinner meeting.

・ikagesohana ..., 10,000- yen
・takujosohana ..., 3,000- yen
・Offering of flowers one ..., 420 yen ...


Decoration cake for present


Attach to words of "thank you today"; and ...

We accept order of "will" auspicious decoration for gifts. (free)


・Grace original pound cake ..., 1,000- yen

※In addition, we order from partner department store




Printed matter

 ・Notice ... ... ... ... 400 yen

・Write address; ... ... ... ..., 300 yen

・Seating order list ... ... ... ... ... 600 yen

・Seat bill (it includes copying charges) ... 300 yen

・Menu card ... ... ... 350 yen

・Order of a ceremony ... ... ... ... ... 7,000 yen


Photograph (in photograph room)

・Group photo (cabinet photograph version) ... 10-30 pieces 2,000- yen ※31 pieces of - 1,000 yen


Clothes for rent (in a pair Yokohama)

・Mourning dress ... ... ... ... ..., 12,000- yen

・Ordinary clothing ... ... ... ... ..., 10,000- yen

・Men's W suit ... ..., 10,000- yen


[TEL: 045-474-9515 banquet business direct communication]

※ Other than the above, we accept arrangement such as professional chairmanship, piano performance, string quartet. Please feel free to consult.
※ Service charge and tax are necessary for the rate mentioned above separately.
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