[Japanese food Gin] Daytime of May low dining table






Dish which enhanced taste of seasonal foods by a little,

Taste of Japanese dishes is mini-Kaiseki to have you feel.


From Monday, May 1 to Wednesday, May 310501 mini-Kaiseki 2017_5 length

Time: From 11:00 to 14:00


2,100 yen


Small appetizer

Gin specially made tofu

Getting out cerfeuil, wasabi, effect


Perception eight

One set of reception


Grilled white dish zunda

We are ashamed and chew


Sky bean putting a hoop on steamed bun

Grifola frondosa, blue, silver bean jam

Fried food

Sea bream tempura

Pumpkin, blue, grated radish with carrot, sky soup stock


We lick, and mushrooms are with plum

Pickled vegetables, stopping wooden bowl


Shredded kuzu cake black syrup hook








Course Kaiseki at the flower time


The skill and ingredients of cook such as fresh vegetables or seasonal fish
Taste competition to weave.
Gorgeous color was studded with,
It is special course full of senses of the seasons that are pleasant to eyes.


 From Monday, May 1 to Wednesday, May 310501 flower gokoro 2017_5 length

Time: From 11:00 to 14:00

25 meals-limited course a day


2,980 yen


Small appetizer

With fresh vegetables grated yam

Queen lettuce tomato, wasabi


Braised by shellfish

Small boiled taro with sweet miso

Indian corn dumpling


Perception eight tuna

One set of reception


Pork back ribs Gin specially made miso-grill

We are ashamed and chew


Young grass steaming

Blue, wasabi, silver bean jam

Fried food

Vegetables tempura assortment

Pumpkin, eggplant, Maruju, carrot

Salt, lemon


Height of three kinds

Stopping wooden bowl


Sampler of 3 kinds






Relief dim sumRelief dim sum


Pleasure to carry chopsticks to one article of one article that color is rich in.
A time of sum dish that feelings were put

Please enjoy relaxedly.


2,780 yen


There be point Straight dried bean curds
Sashimi Seasonal whitefish
The first step

Colorful plum boiled potato mashed in a tea cloth homemade Japanese sunflower 

Smoked omelet prawns

The second step

Mozuku vinegar prawns lotus root fill-and-fry blue 

Princess Sazae Isoni

(contents may change by season)

Meal Nozawana crepe and rice stopping wooden bowl pickled vegetables which are how much
Sweetness Seasonal fruit



※It should be chisel on weekdays




Sinter KaisekiSinter Kaiseki set


 4,980 yen


There be point Dried bean curds tofu okra grated yam size chrysanthemum

Assorted two kinds (tuna, white) 

Reception complete set wasabi

Ceramic ware Ise lobster pumpkin sauce hook
Assortment Light appetizer; laying upon grilled fish oily food vinegared food
Meal Nozawana crepe wooden bowl pickled vegetables
Fruit Assorted three kinds of fruit


※It should be Saturday and Sunday, celebration chisel





Every Monday lunchtime service


We give coffee and dessert free only for visitor of the use at lunchtime on every Monday.
Lunch of Monday come to Japanese food Gin by all means.




We offer sweetness menu of weekdays only.


We offered sweetness menu of Gin original with special price to visitor who had you have lunch!

Please appreciate with coffee of service by all means on weekdays♪


◆Bean jam white ball     380 yen

◆Fruit assorted three kinds 350 yen

◆Seasonal ice 480 yen

◆750 yen of deep-fried sweet potato with ice




[TEL: 045-474-5861 Japanese food Gin]


Business hours

Weekday            From 11:00 to 15:00 (last order 14:00)

Weekday            From 17:00 to 22:00 (last order 21:00)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11:00 to 22:00 (last order 21:00)

The number of the seats 72 seats

※Tax, service charge is included in rate.

※By the situation of the stocking, contents, arrangement, please note that they may change change of some food type and change of menu again.


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