[Pare Grace] Tea & Cake - tea & cake ...

[seasonal drink] Rose cherry tea (HOT or ICE)


From Monday, May 1 to Friday, June 30


0501 Rose cherry tea

800 yen


We add sweetness and flavor to Rose hips tea in cherry syrup.
Refreshing taste with acidity of Rose hips tea of cherry
Sweet flavor enhances. We attached lemon and roseleaf,
Appearance is gorgeous crimson flavor tea, too.












[seasonal drink] Apricot tea with milk (HOT or ICE)


From Monday, May 1 to Friday, June 30



 800 yen0501 apricot tea with milk


Assam tea extracts with milk and puts apricot jam,
It is topping with fruit of milk and apricot which we beat.
In heavy Assam tea sour-sweetness of apricot wonderfully
It is tea with milk of gentle flavor that harmonized.













[seasonal cake] Tart guriottinu


... Wednesday, May 31


 Tart guruottinu img450 yen


Using cherry which is fresh to topping,
It is full of gelee and compote and cherries in mousse

It is cake.

Sour-sweetness of cherry harmonizes with acidity of cheese pleasantly,
We finished in refreshing, easy taste.
We liken white chocolate to leaf and arrange like spring.


 ※Cake becomes offer from 11:00.












Association of Kanagawa Western confectionery exhibition

Cake set of "the Caribbean" of Grand gateau prize chairperson Prize receiving a prize 


With 1,310 yen drink

※Cake set becomes offer from 11:00.


Sponge of mango cream and almond flavor,
Confiture, chocolate of banana and pineapple

Rate crunch becomes bright layer and seems to finish

In gurasaju of white chocolate elegantly

We finished.


When we buy to go

※Peace cake      500 yen

※Handing over of cake is from 11:00.







Afternoon Tea set


With 2,060 yen drink

※It becomes offer from 14:00.


・Petit original cake

・Fresh fruit


・Jam to three steps of plates.

You enjoy many tastes, and please have.

Drink from coffee, tea (hot or ice)

You can choose.









 Cake set


With 1,310 yen drink

※It becomes offer from 11:00.


Cake of hotel patissier pride with drink

Please enjoy by set.

Please choose cake you like.

Drink coffee, tea (hot or ice),

You have a choice between orange juice.









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