Information for dish

Information for dish

  • Course dish

    Course dish

    It is plan that can thoroughly enjoy sense of quality only by course dish of hotel. Deluxe dish entertains important group with beauty of each course.

  • Buffet dish

    Buffet dish

    It is popular buffet plan to be able to enjoy Japanese, Western, and Chinese style dish. It is recommended in person who wants to enjoy various taste and which we want to enjoy with a choice of dish.

  • Dish in the bloom of table

    Dish in the bloom of table

    Plan that French cuisine, Japanese food, each chef of Chinese food selected carefully. You have you choose dish you like, and please enjoy cooking of chef pride.

  • Drink

    Plan all-you-can-drink from alcohol to soft drinks for two hours. As you prepare the number of articles, you can enjoy to many people.

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