About staying

About check-in, check-out time.
As for the check-in, check-out is until 11:00 at 15:00.
In addition, there is thing which is available for late check-out in some accommodation plans.
Is there non-smoking room?
We offer.
But please order at the time of reservation as the number of the rooms includes limit.
Is there parking lot?
We offer. For more information, look here.
What kind of room is semi-double? You put extra bed, and can you plurally stay?
Single room two people use semi-double.
As bed of single room of our hotel is semi-double size of width 135*195, there is not problem by the use in two people either.
In addition, please note that use of extra bed becomes impossible.
What kind of room is Japanese-Western style room?
It is room with Japanese-style room part using Ryukyu tatami mat.
We are fully equipped with twin bed, DRESSER to flooring Western-style room part except Japanese-style room.
It is space where warmth of tatami mat and unhurried sense of bed give the best ease.
It is available in up to four people (as for two people, bed, two people become futon)
Families, group give favorable reception to very much. As for the state of room, please see this.

About banquet

What is there to banquet dish?
We have in Japanese, Western, Chinese and various richness.
Is banquet only plan introduced on homepage?
We can guide according to budget and the number of visitors. Specifically, please talk with the staff casually.
How many people is banquet available from?
We guide from two people basically.
Including dinner meeting that lot participates in from dinner meeting of few people cope widely.
(we may set a limit to the number of people by some plans)
Is companion of guide dog possible?
Of course we are enabled. Please use casually.
Is even wheelchair available?
Even wheelchair is available.
As employee copes if there is aware point, call casually.
Please tell about use of parking lot by banquet.
The banquet is available basically free. Specifically, please refer to the staff.
In addition, we recommend the use of public institution as we can park, and number includes limit.
Can we leave baggage, document beforehand?
I take. When you send by courier service, please list banquet day, banquet name, meeting place name.

About restaurant

Is reservation of restaurant possible?
"Japanese food Gin" "Pare Grace" "party roux irregularity girl"
Reservation is possible at all stores. We heard together on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Is there parking lot?
When you have reservation, until three hours, you can use parking lot at the time of the general use free until two hours.
(extension rate 30 minutes 250 yen)
Mean budget when we use each restaurant?
As we gathered up as follows, please see as reference.
"Japanese food Gin" Lunch 2,500 yen Night 6,000 yen
"Party roux irregularity girl" Night 2,000 yen
"Pare Grace" Lunch 1,000 yen Night 1,000 yen
Can you use credit card?
It is available in all the stores. In addition, please note that debit card is not available.
We want to eat at restaurant on birthday, can we order birthday cake?
We heard.

Please order the following contents after reference in each restaurant within three days before at the time of reservation or reservation day.

Size of cake: Round shape 15cm (4,320 yen), 18cm (6,480 yen), 21cm (7,560 yen), 4 size of 24cm (8,640 yen)

※There is service of name case. Please order the name you like.

※We may change kind of cake by season.

※When there is allergic item in fruit or wheat flour, please talk beforehand.

Is there private room in restaurant?
There is private room in the next restaurant. "Japanese food Gin"
Is there menu for children?
It is in "Japanese food Gin".
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