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The hotel name Shin-Yokohama Grace hotel
Company name Grace hotel
The location 〒222-0033 3-6-15, Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Telephone 045-474-5111 (main) FAX045-474-9510 (main)
Representative President Ryoji Ban
Capital 93,830,000 yen
The establishment March 16, 1972
Establishment Shin-Yokohama Grace hotel, a pair Yokohama, plaza apea, Tokyo, Kamata dress apea, byutisagano
Kaiseki low dining table heart Kamata, Kaiseki low dining table heart Shin-Yokohama, Kaiseki low dining table heart Fuchinobe
Business outline Management of hotel, restaurant
Contract duties of ceremonial occasions of celebration
Group companies facility
Hotel of Oku-Nikko forest
Banker Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Bank of Yokohama
Facility summary It is 14 stories above the ground and 2 stories underground scale /
Plottage /1400 .81 square meters
Total of floor space /12061 .40 square meters
Guest room /80 room maximum accommodation possibility number of people 144
Eating and drinking facility / western dishes restaurant Japanese restaurant tea lounge
Banquet room /10 room
Wedding ceremony facility / wedding place (the church shrine public), Blaye's room
Parking lot /90 stand (40 tower 50 level ground)
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