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1972 Sightseeing in Oku-Nikko forest public corporation is founded
1974 The bride center Kamata store new completion
1978 We rename bride center Kamata store to a pair Kamata and are reopened
1983 Hotel opening of Oku-Nikko forest
1984 Friend travel start of living
1985 Bridal palace "a pair" opening
1989 Shin-Yokohama Grace hotel founding
1990 It is hotel apeaopun in Kamata
1991 Shin-Yokohama Grace hotel opening
1994 Bridal costume "dance" Shin-Yokohama opening
Clothes for rent "dance" Yokohama opening
1995 Shin-Yokohama catering center opening
1997 apea catering center opening
1998 Nissan Stadium restaurant COCOLO opening
2001 Shin-Yokohama Grace hotel and sightseeing in Oku-Nikko forest public corporation are merged and change company name of to Grace hotel
2002 We rename bridal palace apea to plaza apea and renew
Opening a pair Kamata is renamed to dress apea
Yamato catering center opening
2005 Completely refurbished Blaye's room completion
2008 All guest room renewals
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