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Corporate philosophy

Grace hotel runs mainly on ceremonial occasions of celebration business as group companies of "friend of living" who is ceremonial occasion mutual aid society to "company required to visitor through ceremony 100 years" later. We desire three following basic ideas and will push forward company activity to do important day in daily life of visitor on day to remain in lifetime memory.

We convey ceremony original meaning and the importance.

We tell about importance to do rite of passage with important meaning in life of person, and to perform and do help to have you feel family tie, splendor of connection with society, person.

We make space where visitor becomes a special person.

We aim at being place of hospitality is elegant and to be able to spend good-quality time by fit luxury space and warm service if we have you spend important day.

We continue being companies where employee works proudly.

Because we believe that pride to company which employee has is connected for the best service to visitor, and all employees continue being purpose of life and companies working proudly, we aim at always improving ES (employee satisfaction).

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