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Personal information protection

It is basic of operation to protect personal information of all visitors whom we treat appropriately, and Grace hotel recognizes in the inside running management (accommodation duties, ceremonial occasions of celebration duties, banquet duties, eating and drinking duties) of hotel when it is serious duty and, by the following activities based on Japanese Industrial Standards "personal information protection management system - requirements" (JIS Q 15001:2006) which the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry established, will protect personal information.

Organization in the company
We place administrator of personal information about reporting of the person every section of the handling. We try for protection of personal information by letting administrator carry out appropriate management.
Principle of the acquisition
We may have you show personal information of the person as needed on offering various services associated with business of hotel. We acquire personal information after telling about purpose, use content beforehand when we acquire personal information from the person, and having obtained consent as far as it is appropriate.
Principle of appropriate management
We manage personal information of the person by appropriate method and take measures so that the use out of the purpose is not carried out. We disclose and, without special circumstances, may not contribute to third party without consent of the person.
The observance of laws and ordinances, guideline
We observe laws and ordinances about the handling of personal information, guideline that country establishes and other models.
Safe security
Unauthorized access, leak, loss for personal information come, and we take safety measures about loss and perform these prevention and correction.
Setting of complaint, consultation desk
If we establish complaint, consultation desk, and the person can hear to the window concerned when inquiry, correction of personal information of the person are hoped for, we cope immediately after having confirmed the person as far as it is rational.
Continuous improvement

We establish management system to protect personal information and carry out steadily and will try for continuous improvement.

Enforcement date February 2, 2005
Revision day February 11, 2009

Grace hotel
President Ryoji Ban

Proposing of solution to name of authorized personal information protection group and complaint
Name of authorized personal information protection group: Japan Information Processing Development Center
Proposing of solution to complaint: Personal information protection complaint counselor's office
Address: The 〒 106-0032 1-9-9-6, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Motoki first baseman Building
Phone number 03-5860-7565
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