Introduction of store

  • Japanese food Gin

    Japanese food Gin

    Japanese restaurant which can relax with atmosphere of the sum. It is available for betrothal present and Buddhist memorial service, dinner meeting.

  • Tea lounge Pare Grace

    Tea lounge Pare Grace

    Lounge cafe characterized by beautiful Pare interior including chandelier. It is most suitable for the use by wait.

  • Gift

    Hotel gift

    Please enjoy hotel gift of Shin-Yokohama Grace hotel at home. Please come to important one and present to friend, reward to oneself.

Restaurant plan

  • Restaurant_Yokohama_gojokai_bunnerRestaurant_Yokohama_gojokai_bunner
  • top_small_ban_11top_small_ban_11
  • Top_banner_01Top_banner_01
  • top_small_ban_2top_small_ban_2
  • top_small_ban_3top_small_ban_3
  • top_small_ban_4top_small_ban_4
  • top_small_ban_5top_small_ban_5
  • top_small_ban_9top_small_ban_9
  • top_small_ban_8top_small_ban_8
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  • Introduction of store
  • Japanese food Gin
  • Tea lounge Pare Grace
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