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Accommodation plan

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Guest room

  • Single


    Single room which is most suitable for one used alone including business. We offer bed of 135cm width that can relax relaxedly. You can take a rest without leaving one-day fatigue.

  • Semi-double


    We offered spacious bed. Comfortable space that can be relaxed is most suitable for the use by couple.

  • Double


    Double room where interior of calm atmosphere was placed. You can enjoy relaxation thyme in 16 square meters of space that can take a break.

  • Superior double

    Superior double

    30 square meters and extensive special space. We comprise bed of king size and are slightly luxurious room which made much of ease. You can relax in couple and couples leisurely.

  • Casual twin

    Casual twin

    It is simple twin room suitable for the use by friend and couple.

  • Twin


    Twin room which even the use by work including business trip and friend, couple can use. You can enjoy a happy time by easy area.

  • Deluxe twin

    Deluxe twin

    Twin room that 28 square meters and easy area are comfortable. It is recommended for visitor that stay in room is made much of. By extra bed use, staying in three people is possible. Please use in family and friends.

  • Japanese-style room

    Japanese-style room

    Japanese-style room which is rare in city hotel. You can relax leisurely in tatami mat. Stay in friend and families, visitor whom small child comes to again give favorable reception to very much.

  • Japanese-Western style room

    Japanese-Western style room

    Japanese-Western style room where twin bed is stylish in Japanese-style room and flooring space of Ryukyu tatami mat. It is space where warmth of tatami mat and unhurried sense of bed give the best ease.

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  • Guest room
  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double
  • Superior double
  • Casual twin
  • Twin
  • Deluxe twin
  • Japanese-style room
  • Japanese-Western style room
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